DTx Asia Agenda 2022

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Conference Day 1

  • Tuesday, November 8th 2022
Tuesday, November 8th 2022
08:00am KST

Registration & Networking

09:00am KST

Opening Remarks & Setting the Scene

Danny Kim, Head of WELT USA, WELT | Co-Chiar of APAC WG, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Ji Hoon Park, Healthcare Program Director, Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology

09:10am KST

Keynote Panel Discussion: Welcome to DTx Asia – Let’s Talk Digital Therapeutics

  • A sitdown with some of the world leaders in digital therapeutics, breaking down why they are coming to Asia to expand their outreach
  • An introduction into DTx – How do we define true digital therapeutics?
  • Establishing the difference between digital health solutions and digital therapeutics
  • How do DTx companies plan to innovate healthcare in the APAC?

Danny Kim, Head of WELT USA, WELT | Co-Chiar of APAC WG, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Megan Coder, Chief Policy Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Abhishek Shah, CEO & Co-Founder, Wellthy Therapeutics

Sarah Jackson, Director, Business Development & Alliance Management, Click Therapeutics


9:50am KST

Keynote Panel Discussion: Where is DTx today?  An Overview of the Evolving Market Landscape, Strategies, and Opportunities for DTx in Asia

  • Would digital health tools be a part of the discussion in Asia without the impacts of Covid-19?
  • What markets in Asia are beginning to adopt DTx?
  • Where are the current regulatory barriers and opportunities in the different markets for digital health?
  • What changes need to be made at the regulatory level to streamline digital health adoption?
  • What are the other key challenges facing DTx in Asia?
  • How are we going to tackle these moving forward?
  • What do we expect the future of digital health in the APAC to look like? 
  • Which countries are next?

Christopher Wasden, Chief Strategy Officer, Twill

Louis Payet, Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Zuellig Pharma

Arbinder Singal, Co-Founder & CEO, Fitterfly

Kaishen Chen, Founder & CEO, CinoCore

10:30am KST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

11:00am KST

Presentation – How to Innovate Digital Therapeutic Business Models within the Asian Healthcare Market?

  • How do commercial models for out of pocket paying differ from healthcare insurance?
  • Which regions in the APAC should DTx companies target for out-of-pocket payment of digital health tools?
  • Can you scale digital health tools by solely targeting top end clinics?
  • Is there greater scope for scaling DTx in Asia through accessing this market?

Siva Nadarajah, Co-Founder & President, JOGO Health

11:25am KST

Presentation: Launching and Scaling DTx Products in the United States

Tremendous tailwinds have created an exciting environment for Digital Therapeutics in the United States, ranging from emerging business models and reimbursement pathways, as well as increasing clarity from the US FDA on how it will regulate DTx solutions. As a result, DTx companies are now gaining traction and interest from all members of the ecosystem, including providers, payers, employers, pharma as well as other digital health and telehealth companies.

  • Current headwinds and tailwinds facing DTx companies in the United States 
  • Market activity among various buyers (providers, payers, employers, pharma) as it relates to DTx solutions
  • Key considerations on how to assess whether your DTx solution will succeed in the US

Kamal Jethwani, Co-Founder & CEO, Decimal.health

11:50am KST

Panel Discussion: Exploring How DTx Companies Aim to Tackle the Fragmented Reimbursement Landscape in Asia

  • What commercial models are companies using to tackle the different markets in Asia?
  • In which countries are we seeing the most success of DTx integration and why?
  • Should we implement similar strategies from Europe and the US in Asia? What should we transfer over?
  • Can you integrate digital health into lower resourced countries?
  • Can we one day speak to Asia as a centralized unity?
  • How can DTx companies from Europe and the US scale their products in Asia? What are the guidelines?
  • Is Asia ready for DTx?

Moderator: Kamal Jethwani, Co-Founder & CEO, Decimal.health

Teo Son, Chief Operating Officer, Olive Union

Ihsan Almarzooqi, Co-Founder & Managing Director, GluCare.Health

Mayank Singh, Founder & CEO, Impute Inc.

John Drakenberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Therapeutics

12:30pm KST

Lunch & Networking

1:35pm KST

Presentation: A Breakdown of the Japanese Government’s Previous and Current Work on Creating SaMD Frameworks

  • A look into how Japan are establishing regulatory guidelines to promote digital health adoption
  • How is regulation on digital health in Japan changing?
  • What can other countries in the APAC learn from the Japanese government’s work?

Takeshi Fujiwara, METI: Counselor, Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Healthcare Industry Division Medical and Welfare Equipment Industry Office

2:00pm KST

Presentation: Growing Japanese DTx Start-ups from a VC Perspective. Impact of Regulation, Reimbursement and Future Trends

  • Trends of DTx startups and start-up investment in Japan: past and future
  • The impact of Japan’s reimbursement system on business
  • Effect of digital health regulation on start-ups
  • How can foreign startups enter the Japanese market?

Katsuya Hashizume, Executive Officer, Beyond Next Ventures

2:25pm KST

Presentation: The Regulatory Pathway for Digital Therapeutics in South Korea

  • Demonstrating the requirements when applying for approval of a digital therapeutics product and its recent development in South Korea

Young-Min Han, Assistant Director of Digital Health Devices Division, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Korea

2:50pm KST

Panel Discussion: Breaking Down the Roadmap for Regulatory Approval of DTx in the APAC Regions

  • Which countries are beginning to adopt regulatory guidelines for digital health products?
  • Insight into how regulatory approval in Europe and the US can translate to some Asian countries
  • How do these countries differ from one another?
  • Why are some countries in the APAC still hesitant to integrate DTx into healthcare? How can these issues be addressed?

Martin Culjat, SVP, Regulatory Innovation & Digital Medicine, EVERSANA

Eiji Takeda, Regulatory Affairs Lead, Formerly CureApp

Tim Shi, Founder & Executive Director, Global MD

Abhishek Shah, CEO & Co-Founder, Wellthy Therapeutics

3:30pm KST

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

4:00pm KST

Presentation: Pathway to the Market: Clinical and Business Development in Japan

  • The Japanese DTx market and landscape, opportunities for DTx companies
  • Critical Components for the clinical evidence generation to successfully receive reimbursement approval
  • Partnerships with key stakeholders in the Japanese market

Shijun Jo, Head of Global Business Development, CureApp

4:25pm KST

Panel Discussion: Bridging the Gap Between Tech and DTx: A Look into How DTx are Partnering With  Pharmaceutical Companies in Asia

  • A look into the process of partnering with pharma companies in the APAC
  • Where do you start?
  • What criteria is pharma looking for in DTx companies to partner?
  • What are the fundamental differences in value drivers between cultures?
  • How can digital therapeutic companies bring value to pharmaceutical companies?
  • What hurdles have these partnerships come across? How can others avoid these moving forward?
  • Moving forward, how can DTx companies approach pharma?

Sean Kang, CEO, WELT

Sohyun Kwon, Senior Managing Director, Handok 

Jong Min Choi, Head of Health H/W R&D Group, Samsung Electronics

5:00pm KST

Panel Discussion: Investor Perspectives: Exploring APAC Funding Opportunities and Current Market Dynamics

  • Discuss current fundraising dynamics, advice for founders/CEOs navigating the market, and strategies for running an innovative business during market volatility.
  • From an investor’s POV, where is digital healthcare today?
  • What challenges are DTx investors seeing in the different Asian markets? How do these differ?
  • What countries in Asia have caught the eyes of investors?

Moderator: Bechara Saab, CEO & Chief Scientist, Mobio Interactive

Masashi Kiyomine, Founder & Managing Partner, Kicker Ventures

Yuma Nishikawa, Venture Capitalist, DG Daiwa Ventures

Yoon Sup Choi, Managing Partner, Digital Healthcare Partners

5:40pm KST

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Danny Kim, Head of WELT USA, WELT | Co-Chiar of APAC WG, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

5:50pm KST

End of DTx Asia Day 1

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Conference Day 2

  • Wednesday, November 9th 2022
Wednesday, November 9th 2022
9:00am KST

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Abhishek Shah, C0-Founder & CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics

9:10am KST

Keynote Presentation: How Can the Potential of Digital Therapeutics be Realized?

  • With a patient-centric approach, how to identify the (right) problem that matters for each of stakeholders’ group in the ecosystem;
  • How to cross the efficacy-effectiveness gap, with a focus on implementation, engagement and “customer retention”.

Yoann Sapanel, Head, Health Innovation, WisDM Institute for Digital Medicine

9:35am KST

Panel Discussion: A Time for Change: How Does the Industry Plan to Successfully Integrate DTx into Healthcare?

  • What are the key challenges holding back adoption of DTx in the APAC?
  • How does this differ from Europe and the US?
  • In which countries are we seeing higher adoption of DTx? 
  • Are physicians less willing to adopt digital health tools in some Asian countries? If so, why?
  • What’s it going to take for us to make digital health a reality?

Moderator: Chan Yoon, Founder & CEO, EverEx

Bechara Saab, CEO & Chief Scientist, Mobio Interactive

Jason Goh, Director of Medical Services, Monash Health

Haisung Lee, VP, Head of Digital & BioHealth, KT

Mary-Beth Brinson, CEO, TALi

10:20am KST

Morning Refreshments and Networking

10:50am KST

Presentation: ‘The Future of Digital Health Isn’t Digital, it’s Human’

  • Harnessing the power of machines to humanize healthcare and drive superior outcomes

Ali Hashemi, Co-Founder & Chairman, GluCare.Health

11:15am KST

Presentation: ​​Evaluate a Multi-Domain TaiChi Digital Therapy (Taichi-DTx) for Long COVID Symptoms in a Real World Environment and the Current Status and Potential Market Opportunity of DTx in China

Tim Shi, Founder & Executive Director, Global MD

11:40am KST

Panel Discussion: Increasing User Awareness and Patient Engagement – Bringing DTx to Light

  • How are government bodies acting to increase awareness of DTx in Asia?
  • What educational models can companies bring from the US and Europe to Asia?
  • What steps can governments take to help put DTx on the consumers radar?
  • How will cultural differences throughout APAC regions impact education programs for digital health?
  • Once awareness of DTx is established, how are companies combating retention of digital health products?
  • What can we do to ensure in 5 years time that DTx is a staple within the APAC healthcare systems?

Moderator: Abhishek Shah, C0-Founder & CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics

Christopher Wasden, Chief Strategy Officer, Twill

Sharon Chan, Head of JLABS Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson

Agata Blasiak, Head of Digital Health Innovation, The N.1 Institute for Health

12:20pm KST

Lunch and Networking

1:35pm KST

Presentation: Pharma’s Digital Health Strategy – Making Patients Smile

  • Daiichi-Sankyo’s Digital Health strategy and Total Care concept
  • What pharma looks for in DTx and Digital Health companies

Yo Hashimoto, Tech Lead & Project Manager, Daiichi Sankyo

1:50pm KST

Presentation – The New Era of Addiction in Korean Digital Therapeutics

  • Clinical practices about addiction such as Alcohol and Nicotine 
  • Digital therapeutics & conventional treatment for addiction 
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Digital Biomarkers

Jihoon Oh, Director, Digital Therapeutics Center

Haisung Lee, VP, Head of Digital & BioHealth, KT

2:25pm KST

Panel Discussion: How JLABS is Working With Digital Therapeutic  Start-ups in the APAC to Innovate Healthcare

  • How do you see disruptive technology impacting the future of human health?
  • How are government bodies acting to increase awareness of DTx in Asia?
  • How does Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS aim to support innovators in the digital therapeutics field?
  • What do you see as the role of collaboration in driving innovation in this field, and what’s your advice to start-up companies looking for partners?
  • What are some of the digital therapeutics that JLABS companies are working on?
  • What can we do to ensure in 5 years’ time that DTx is a staple within the APAC healthcare systems?

Moderator: Sharon Chan, Head of JLABS Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson

James LeeFounder & CEO, Bridge Biotherapeutics

Jong Myoung Lee, Chief Executive Officer, SKIA

Kyungmin Hwang, Chief Executive Officer, VPIX

3:05pm KST

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

3:35pm KST

Presentation: Developing VR Digital Therapeutics for Depression: Patient Centered Learning Treatment

  • Targeting ruminations:  Therapeutic approaches based on 3rd generation CBT.
  • Patient engagement and data-driven approaches including digital biomarkers.
  • From Japan to Asia:  Universal design and localization in practice.

Masayo Matsumura, CEO, BiPSEE

4:00pm KST

Presentation: Innovating the Standard of Care Through Digital Monitoring Solutions for Chronic Thyroid Dysfunction and Thyroid Eye Disease

  • Patient journeys for thyroid dysfunction and thyroid eye disease
  • Digital biomarkers for thyroid dysfunction and thyroid eye disease
  • Innovating standard of care through novel digital monitoring solutions

Jaemy Park, CEO, Thyroscope

4:25pm KST

Presentation: The Future of Digital Therapeutics and Hearing

  • Software-based medicine for hearing loss related treatments. 
  • How is regulation on hearing digital health evolving?
  • What will it take to make hearing digital therapeutics a reality?
  • How hearing digital therapeutics will improve the clinical industry?

Teo Son, Chief Operating Officer, Olive Union

4:50pm KST

Chairs Closing Remarks

Abhishek Shah, C0-Founder & CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics

5:00pm KST

End of DTx Asia

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