DTx Asia Agenda 2023

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Conference Day 1

  • Wednesday, November 29th 2023
Wednesday, November 29th 2023
08:00am SGT

Registration & Networking

09:00am SGT

Chair’s Opening Remarks & Setting the Scene

Yoann Sapanal, Head, Health Innovation, WisDM, Institute for Digital Medicine, National University of Singapore

09:10am SGT

Keynote Presentation: DTx Singapore: Getting to Grips with the Regulatory, Reimbursement and Commercialization Landscape in Singapore

  • What is the current status of digital therapeutics in Singapore and what is the potential for growth?
  • What regulatory considerations are necessary when bringing digital therapeutics to market in Singapore?
  • What are the key factors that drive successful commercialization of digital therapeutics in Singapore?
  • How does Singapore compare to other Asian countries in terms of the regulatory, reimbursement, and commercialization landscape for digital therapeutics?

David Vu, Chief Operating Officer | Co-Lead, Singapore Digital Health Accelerator, DxD Hub

9:35am SGT

Keynote Presentation: The Digital Therapeutics Alliance Efforts in the APAC: DTAsia 

  • What specific initiatives or programs has the DTA undertaken to promote the adoption of digital therapeutics in the Asia-Pacific region, and what outcomes have been achieved so far?
  • What regulatory considerations do digital therapeutics face in different APAC countries, and how is the DTA addressing these challenges?
  • What are some of the success stories between the DTA and stakeholders such as healthcare providers, tech companies, or government agencies?

Andy Molnar, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

10:00am SGT

Keynote Panel Discussion: Why Bring DTx to Asia?

  • Exploring how digital therapeutics aims to pioneer the future of healthcare across asia
  • Which markets in Asia are the most friendly to DTx?
  • What are some of the key success factors for digital therapeutics adoption in Asia?
  • How can we ensure equitable access to digital therapeutics in low-resource settings?
  • How can we address concerns around data privacy and security in the digital therapeutics space?
  • How are digital therapeutics going to  integrate with other digital health tools, such as telemedicine and remote patient monitoring?
  • What is it going to take for DTx to take over the APAC?

Moderator: Juhee Cho, Professor, Samsung
Chris Hardesty, Partner, Pureland Ventures
Danny Kim, Head of WELT USA, WELT | Co-Chair of APAC WG, Digital Therapeutics Alliance
Sharon Chan
, VP, JLABS Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson
Scarlett Chen, Managing Partner, Verge Healthtech Fund
Aftab Arif, Digital Innovation Hub Lead (Asia Pacific), Novo Nordisk

10:40am SGT

Morning Refreshments & Networking

11:10am SGT

Presentation: Idea to Implementation: How to Rise and Thrive as a Digital Therapeutics Business

  • What elements need to be considered when identifying a need for a DTx solution?
  • What are the typical stages involved in the development of a digital therapeutic solution, and what are some common challenges that businesses encounter during this process?
  • What are some of the key features that are often included in successful digital therapeutic solutions, and how do these features address patient needs?

Abhishek Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics

11:35am SGT

Panel Discussion: Access, Awareness and Adoption. Everything You Need to Know When Scaling an International Digital Therapeutics Business

  • What are the market access challenges for DTx in Asia?
  • What are some key factors that contribute to the commercial success of a digital therapeutics business in the healthcare industry, and how can businesses ensure they are addressing these factors?
  • How can businesses identify and evaluate potential market opportunities for digital therapeutics in different countries across Asia?
  • What are some emerging technologies or platforms that could enhance the scalability and commercial success of digital therapeutics in Asia?
  • How can you scale a business in an out-of-pocket payment market?
  • How can you rethink your model of care delivery when operating in different countries within Asia?

Moderator: Dario Heymann, Chief Research Officer, Galen Growth
Tarun Jain
, VP & Managing Director of India, DarioHealth
Matthias Zenker, Chief Medical Solutions Officer, GAIA
Raju Rhee, Lead Clinical Strategy Innovation & DTx, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories

12:20pm SGT

Lunch & Networking

1:40pm SGT

Panel Discussion: From Paper to Practice: How a Medical Need Translates Into a Pharma – DTx Partnership and Onto Everyday’s Worklife of HCPs

  • Why demographics and global workforce shortage triggered the development of the first real DTx in Rheumatology
  • How a leading Asian Pharma company envisions its role in the future and why Europe is a great starting point for broader ambitions
  • Promise kept? How real DTx unfold their potential in the hands of clinicians in their outpatient work.
  • A blueprint for DTx in Asia? Q&A and discussion with the audience

Moderator: Shwen Gwee, Former VP & Head of Global Strategy Digital Strategy, Formerly Bristol Myers Squibb
Lasse Lehnert
, Managing Director, Chugai Pharma Germany
Peer Aries, MD, Rheumatologist
Matthias Zenker, Chief Medical Solutions Officer, GAIA

2:20pm SGT

Panel Discussion: Understanding the Regulatory Pathways for DTx in Asia: Exploring the Intersection of Healthcare, Technology, and Policy

  • What are the specific regulatory challenges facing digital therapeutics in Asia, and how do they compare to those faced by traditional drug products?
  • How can companies navigate the complex and evolving regulatory landscape in Asia, and what strategies have been successful in securing regulatory approval?
  • What are the key considerations for conducting clinical trials for digital therapeutics in Asia, and how can these trials be designed to meet regulatory requirements and generate robust evidence of safety and efficacy?
  • What are the regulatory requirements for clinical data for DTx regulatory submissions?
  • How long does the regulatory process take across the US, Europe and Asia? How do these markets differ?
  • What are the implications of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning for regulatory pathways in digital therapeutics, and how can these technologies be effectively integrated into product development and testing?
  • How is the regulatory landscape evolving in Asian countries for digital therapeutics, what new changes have been in policy?

Moderator: Sanjay Krishnan, Director, Bioconnect Asia
Neeraj Mehta, Head of Operations (IT), Ministry of Health & Welfare, Government of India
Dario Heymann, Chief Research Officer, Galen Growth
Tim Shi, Executive Director, Global MD

3:00pm SGT

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

3:30pm SGT

Presentation: “HaaS (Healthcare as a Service)” – A Strategy in Pharma

  • What is HaaS?
  • Key role of DTx to realize HaaS
  • How can we create a Total Care Ecosystem in Japan?

Seiya Kuraoka, DTx Project Lead, Daiichi Sankyo., Ltd. 

3:55pm SGT

Panel Discussion: Accelerating Healthcare Innovation Through Collaboration

  • Regional key trends & opportunities in digital health
  • Healthcare innovation and collaboration in APAC
  • The value of incubation 

Moderator: Sharon Chan, VP, JLABS Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson
Abhishek Agrawal, Co-Founder and CEO, Kinexcs
Bechara Saab, CEO & Chief Scientist, Mobio Interactive
Gurpreet Singh, CEO & Founder, Respiree
Lincoln Dacy, Founder, Rebee Health

4:35pm SGT

Panel Discussion: A One Stop Shop on What A Digital Health Investor Seeks in a DTx Company

  • From the eyes of a digital health investor, what are the risks and challenges associated with the digital therapeutics industry?
  • Where are we today in the wave of DTx investment? What trends are emerging and what should we expect?
  • How do you balance the need for profitability with the desire to make a positive impact on patients?
  • How does the investment landscape for digital therapeutics differ between Asian countries?
  • How can digital therapeutics companies work with investors to ensure successful outcomes for patients, investors, and the industry as a whole?

Moderator: Tina Tan, Executive Editor, FirstWord HealthTech
Joseph Mocanu, Managing Partner, Verge HealthTech Fund
Katsuya Hashizume, Executive Director, Partner, Beyond Next Ventures
Yuma Nishikawa , Venture Capitalist, DG Daiwa Ventures
Tanuja Rajah, Partner, M Venture Partners

5:20pm SGT

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Yoann Sapanal, Head, Health Innovation, WisDM, Institute for Digital Medicine, National University of Singapore

5:30pm SGT

DTx Asia Drinks Reception

7:00pm SGT

End of DTx Asia Day 1

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Conference Day 2

  • Thursday, November 30th 2023
Thursday, November 30th 2023
9:00am SGT

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Shwen Gwee, Former VP & Head of Global Strategy Digital Strategy, Formerly Bristol Myers Squibb

9:10am SGT

Keynote Presentation: Strategic Approaches to Optimize Your Clinical Trial Design for DTx

  • How can we leverage digital technologies to streamline clinical trial processes and improve data collection in Asia?
  • How can we ensure that clinical trial designs are culturally appropriate and sensitive to regional differences?
  • What are some best practices for recruiting and retaining participants in clinical trials for digital therapeutics in Asia?
  • How can we balance the need for rigorous scientific methods with the practical constraints of conducting clinical trials in diverse Asian countries?

Masayo Matsumura, Chief Executive Officer, BiPSEE

9:35am SGT

Panel Discussion: Placing Digital Therapeutics in the Hands of Healthcare Providers and Patients: How Do We Do It?

  • How can we design digital therapeutics that effectively complement traditional clinical interventions?
  • What are some best practices for integrating digital therapeutics into clinical workflows and ensuring patient engagement and compliance?
  • What are the most effective methods for measuring the clinical efficacy and outcomes of digital therapeutics?
  • How can we ensure that digital therapeutics are accessible and effective for all patient populations, including those with limited technology access or proficiency?
  • What role does cultural differences across Asia, Europe and the US play in adoption of digital therapeutic tools?

Moderator: Bechara Saab, CEO & Chief Scientist, Mobio Interactive
Arbinder Singal, Chief Executive Officer, Fitterfly
Chan Yoon, Chief Executive Officer, EverEx
Saishreyas Sundarajoo, Head of Healthcare Solutions, Speedoc
Agata Blasiak, Head of Digital Health Innovation, The N.1 Institute for Health, National University of Singapore
Praful Chakkarwar, Country Manager, Singapore & Brunel, Novo Nordisk

10:20am SGT

Morning Refreshments and Networking

11:00am SGT

Presentation: Exploring Successful Commercial Models for DTx in the US and Asia

  • Real world case studies of how DTx companies, including JOGO Health, are generating revenue
  • Using provider, payer and employer partnerships for commercialization  
  • Long term commercial models with pharma partnerships

Siva Nadarajah, Chief Executive Officer, JOGO Health

11:25am SGT

Panel Discussion: Identifying the Gaps in DTx: What is the Industry Missing?

  • What are some of the pain points we’ve seen in DTx over the past year and how can we address these to ensure they don’t happen again?
  • What can we learn from the successes and failures of digital therapeutics to date, and how can we apply these lessons to advance the field?
  • How can we bridge the gap between digital therapeutics and traditional healthcare systems to ensure seamless integration of care?
  • What is it going to take to establish digital therapeutics as a staple within the APAC healthcare systems in the next 5 years?

Moderator: Shwen Gwee, Former VP & Head of Global Strategy Digital Strategy, Formerly Bristol Myers Squibb
Teo Son, Chief Operating Officer, Olive Union
Raju Rhee, Lead Clinical Strategy Innovation & DTx, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
Aileen Lai, CEO, HealthBeats | Vice-Chair, Digital Health, Start-Ups & SMEs Committee, APACMed
Ed Deng, CEO & Co-Founder, Health2Sync

12:20pm SGT

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Shwen Gwee, Former VP & Head of Global Strategy Digital Strategy, Formerly Bristol Myers Squibb

12:30pm SGT

Lunch and Networking

1:30pm SGT

Travel to IMDA Center

2:00pm SGT

The Singapore DTx & Health Tech Workshops, hosted by Amazon Web Services, Infocomm Media Development Authority and Shwen Gwee

The event is set to showcase the local DTx and Digital Health ecosystem in Singapore and learn about the opportunities and value of Singapore as a hub for Health Tech, so that attendees can learn about and meet with the local (Singapore) ecosystem, including

  • Local Digital Health and DTx startups 
  • Government Boards (ESG, A*STAR, EDB, etc.)
  • Academic Institutions/Groups 
  • Local incubators/accelerators 
  • Local Investors


Shwen Gwee, Former VP & Head of Global Strategy Digital Strategy, Formerly Bristol Myers Squibb
Chet Yong, Head of Ecosystem, 22 HealthVentures 
Zubin Daruwalla, Head of Ecosystem, PWC  Singapore
Hui Hong Seow, Regional Director, Block 71
Michael Ho, Head of Innovation and Strategy, National Health Innovation Centre
Clara Ngoh, Consultant Nephrologist, National University Health System 
Warren Ong, Head of Health Services, Singlife


Start-up Showcase

Mesh Bio
Kyan Therapeutics

5:30pm SGT

End of DTx Asia

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